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Death Note [Colored Edition] 4.7

Death Note [Colored Edition]

Vol.2 Chapter 9: Slots (Official Color Scans)

82,277 Jan 17,20 Ohba Tsugumi

Officially coloured scans translated.
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Sprite 4.9


Vol.11 Chapter 85: Murder

1,180,204 Jan 17,20 Ishikawa Yugo

Yoshiko is a hardworking high-school student whose free time is almost entirely taken up by attempts to help out a hikikomori childhood friend and an odd, reclusive uncle. While on a visit to her uncle's penthouse with two of her friends, Yoshiko notices a black substance that resembles snow beginning to fall from the sky -- but her friends see nothing. Soon afterwards, a massive earthquake sh
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Souboutei Kowasu Beshi 4.4

Souboutei Kowasu Beshi

Vol.13 Chapter 122: The Part

1,667,063 Jan 17,20 Fujita Kazuhiro

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Oversimplified SCP 4.5

Oversimplified Scp

Chapter 109: Scp-811

6,354,204 Jan 16,20 SCP Foundation Writers, 松(A・TYPEcorp.)

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In universe, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). This manga summarizes the reports of the SCPs currently under the Foundation.
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The Black June 4.6

The Black June

Chapter 20: This Is The Death Speaking Iii

340,473 Jan 16,20 Doxx

7 deadly sins... 7 murders. The tested and the testers... "I will always be watching you"
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Balemount 4.6


Chapter 3

59,468 Jan 16,20 Nokuto Koike

In the depths of the Magamaga Mountain range, dark, mysterious and foul events befall upon those who enter.
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Unemployed Concentration Camp 4.3

Unemployed Concentration Camp

Chapter 21

973,775 Jan 16,20 Gee So-Lyung,Atsushi Kamakura

2022, Japan's non-workers regeneration method has been established. A person who does not have income for more than six months, is subject to a treatment where they rewrite their brain at a regeneration treatment facility. Tatsuya Kamijo was working in a foreign-owned investment company. One day he loses his job, but six months later, Tatsuya is sent to a concentration camp rather than a playb
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Kuchisake Onna Densetsu 3

Kuchisake Onna Densetsu

Vol.2 Chapter 8: The Science Room's Baby Pt. 2

135,730 Jan 16,20 Kanako Inuki

A collection of short stories based on Japanese folklore.
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Switch Witch 4.2

Switch Witch

Vol.5 Chapter 43: Things To Say

665,463 Jan 15,20 Sayaka Mogi

It centers on a girl named Wakaba Himekawa, who is aware that she is growing up slower than other people, but otherwise lives a peaceful life. On the same day that she finally gets her first period, her childhood friend Takaya confesses that he loves her. While Wakaba had never felt that way for her friend before, she is still happy, if confused. As she is about to answer Takaya's confession,
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Crawling Dreams 4.2

Crawling Dreams

Chapter 60: Gamer Cat

1,499,750 Jan 15,20 Reon Merryweatherey

Nyarla and Ghast are living in a trendy city by the sea, that seems to be hiding some disturbing secrets.
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Strangers from Hell 5

Strangers From Hell

Chapter 12

25,261 Jan 15,20 Kim Yongki

Yoon Jongwoo arrives in Seoul from the countryside and he is staying in a goshiwon [very small room where usually student lives in to focus on their studies]. It tells the strange stories that happen to him in that place.
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Jagaaaaaan 4.5


Vol.8 Chapter 83: Like This

8,115,490 Jan 15,20 Kaneshiro Muneyuki, Nishida Kensuke

Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a neighborhood police officer, lives with his girlfriend while working a job that is killing him slowly with annoyance. It looks like he will end up marrying soon and live a boring life with a nuclear family - a grim future for a guy with dreams! One such day, a mysterious monster appeared on the train and he suddenly can shoot with his right hand like Master Buppanatsu,
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Actor Dance 5

Actor Dance

Chapter 1: Akaya Fuyou

5,341 Jan 15,20 村上 ペコ

Akaya Fuyou, a highschool student whose father was killed by a woman that he always admired, had everything stolen from him. Following the steps of his late father, Fuyou decided to become a detective and will use any means possible in order to take his revenge. Violence, lies, forgery, anything possible without looking at its morality, to catch the criminal. A revenge tragedy about a detect
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Absolute Zero 2.9

Absolute Zero

Chapter 16

60,975 Jan 14,20 Xiao Kuai Wenhua

An original Chinese work, Absolute Zero is an exclusively-released, extremely popular suspense comic by Tencent
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Foul Smell 4.5

Foul Smell

Chapter 30: Puppy (3)

102,556 Jan 14,20 디귿 (digeut)

Starting from a few days ago, a rotten smell started to come from a lower floor apartment. A few days later my friend disappeared. The girl who lives in that apartment as well. Who's next....? This is the story of those that disappeared and those seeking to find them!
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School Ningyo 2 4.4

School Ningyo 2

Vol.4 Chapter 23: Shinobu's Love

177,495 Jan 14,20 Yoshitomi Akihito

The legendary school horror manga has been revived! Girls go hunting for mermaids to win their true love. Featuring very untraditional mermaids.
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Ghost Wife 4.6

Ghost Wife

Chapter 130

7,425,799 Jan 13,20 Saejung

Gisin, who appeared suddenly like a ghost, said something ridiculous like do you want to be my wife... Soon after, ghosts became visible to Eunah and started to chase after her wanting to eat her.
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Survivor of the 100 Days 2.8

Survivor Of The 100 Days

Chapter 102

482,080 Jan 13,20 MCS

Winner winner, chicken dinner! The girls are isolated on the desert island for the Reality Television of Murder Game. Who will be the survivor after a hundred days?
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City of Love Prison 4.3

City Of Love Prison

Chapter 21: “The Key To The Truth”

1,432,839 Jan 13,20 Kyohei Tawara

Makoto is in love with his childhood friend Ai. However, every night he is plagued with a strange dream where there is a station he does not know, the curtain to a chilling suspense story of love and survival opens.
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The City of Imprisoned Love 4.3

The City Of Imprisoned Love

Chapter 21: “The Key To The Truth”

802,634 Jan 13,20 Tawara Kyohei

Makoto is in love with his childhood friend Ai. However, every night he is plagued with a strange dream where there is a station he does not know, the curtain to a chilling suspense story of love and survival opens.
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Dead Tube 4.4

Dead Tube

Vol.12 Chapter 48: Take 48 - Who Is The Kill Target?

8,112,093 Jan 13,20 Yamaguchi Mikoto, Kitakawa Touta

Distributing thrilling videos in secret!! A school game that puts life and death on the line!!
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Ingoshima 3.7


Chapter 81: Egi Festival - Closing

6,938,910 Jan 13,20 TENKAFEM

The Yoshinomiya Municipal High School 2nd year students embarked on what they'd hoped was an educational trip with their friends and away from family but it was not meant to be... Their ship was hit by unexpected rough seas and crashed on a strange island! The surviving students are trying to understand what happened but soon they realize they are not alone on t
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Higanjima - Last 47 Days 4.2

Higanjima - Last 47 Days

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Settlement

86,544 Jan 12,20 Koji Matsumoto

This is a continuation of the story of Higanjima, featuring an isolated island surrounded by fish demons and a population of warring vampires and humans. Ryousuke, his girlfriend Kazumi, and his friend Yamaoka are shipwrecked by the fish demons and wash up on the shore of this cursed island. They soon encounter the inhuman cruelty of the vampires first hand, before Ryousuke is able to meet up with
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Moshi Fanren 4.7

Moshi Fanren

Chapter 204

35,480,015 Jan 12,20 Amazing Works

Zuo Tianchen is the last living human in a mutated zombie-infested city. Just when he was sure he’d died, he finds his soul returned to just before that ill-fated day ten years ago. He swears he’ll protect the people important to him this time round and reunite with his past lover. Watch his struggles to survive equipped with his memory of the next ten years!
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