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Hamedoll 3.8


Chapter 2

50,367 Feb 24,20 Shinonome Ryu

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Benjirou of the Attic 4.8

Benjirou Of The Attic

Vol.1 Chapter 3

16,249 Feb 24,20 Chiai

After his mother’s death, Kanji goes to live with her side of the family in the countryside. It’s hard enough having to adjust to a new environment, but Kanji can also see monsters and spirits, who are everywhere. To top it off, his eccentric uncle Benjirou—though prone to bouts of sickness—is always up to some shenanigans!
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The Family Zoo 2.3

The Family Zoo

Vol.0 Chapter : Oneshot

5,084 Feb 23,20 CHIKAZAWA Chuya

What happens when you cross the animal kingdom with a sitcom that would never be aired on TV, and add a grandpa toilet whose job it is to eat turds?
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Hui Xi Yi's Love Contract 4.8

Hui Xi Yi's Love Contract

Chapter 69

199,584 Feb 23,20 Nuo animation studio

Ordinary staff Qiao Xiyi went home and bumped into her boyfriend and her half-sister. When she was heartbroken, she ran to the bar to get drunk, hooked up with a very cold and handsome Mr. Niu Lang, and spent three thousand to buy him. One night, I didn’t want that Cowherd to be the president of my company. Faced with the martyrdom of men and women
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Sewa ashi 4

Sewa Ashi

Chapter 3

10,224 Feb 23,20 torikai

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Hatsukoi to Taiyou 5

Hatsukoi To Taiyou

Chapter 2: Story 2

18,784 Feb 22,20 KINOSHITA Honoka

We can fall in love no matter how many times, but first love happens only once. “Romance is impossible in elementary school!” Koharuko, a 6th grader, is popular with girls because of her mature personality, but boys always pull a prank on her. She doesn’t like how childish boys are, so she wasn’t interested in anyone. On the other hand, since she fell for Ichijou, a brazen
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My Recently Hired Maid is Suspicious (Serialization) 4.8

My Recently Hired Maid Is Suspicious (Serialization)

Chapter 3

88,757 Feb 22,20 Konbu Wakame

The Young Master treads carefully, as his new maid is doing stuff for him that makes him flustered and uncomfortable. What is this teasing woman scheming!? ...Is it love!?
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Takasugi’s Tiny Delinquent Hero 4.7

Takasugi’S Tiny Delinquent Hero

Chapter 5: It Was A Cage Of Beasts

62,647 Feb 22,20 Tomisa

Takasugi Koyuki who is 180cm, gloomy and shy is secretly fond of Komaeda Masakatsu, who is short in stature but has a big heart. Will the distance between the two obvious mismatch be shortened---?!
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Koiiro Soft Focus 4.7

Koiiro Soft Focus

Chapter : Oneshot

29,254 Feb 18,20 Janome

Otomo Hisashi tries to seduce Mao after reading some BL stories brought to the drama club by Ichikawa.
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Yasashii Shirokuma 5

Yasashii Shirokuma

Chapter 1: Please Warm Me

11,980 Feb 18,20 Shirosame

A girl that loves to paint left her home and for some reason lives with two polar bears. This is the story of a girl suffering from loneliness and anxiety until she finds the place she belongs.
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I, Who Acquired a Trash Skill 【Thermal Operator】, Became Unrivaled. 4.1

I, Who Acquired A Trash Skill 【Thermal Operator】, Became Unrivaled.

Vol.2 Chapter 8

411,678 Feb 17,20 Nabeshiki

People with supernatural powers called as 【Talents】 suddenly appeared in the world. Due to their appearance, the world's power balance was rearranged and it caused disputes in various places including large countries. Later on, the blood-stained battle which continued for 10 years called the『World Talent Great War』causing the world population to decrease to 20%, and due to a certai
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My Incomplete First Love 4.7

My Incomplete First Love

Chapter 2: I Didn't Die? (Pt.2)

24,495 Feb 17,20 Zhe Kuai Gua You Du 这块瓜有毒 + Su Bing Xue Bei酥饼雪贝

An Zizi's car accident attracted both angels and demons, all fighting to claim her soul. Luckily, she was rescued by chance by a passing classmate, Yu Qiuren. The angels and demons didn't give up, and began to disturb An Zizi's daily life. But she never would've thought that the angels' Cupid arrows were slowly binding her to Yu Qiuren...
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Karera o Meguru Subete 4.6

Karera O Meguru Subete

Vol.1 Chapter 1: All About Their Story

17,361 Feb 15,20 Sato Akihito

Fujiwara, a high school student with an excessive predisposition to misfortune, lives at a seaside town with his alcoholic father. One morning, after suffering from his father's mayhem, he fell into the sea. Fujiwara was saved by the refreshing college student, Oono. Fujiwara falls in love at first sight with the kind and handsome Oono. After that encounter, Fujiwara's world bec
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Dragon Quest e no Michi 2.6

Dragon Quest E No Michi

6,850 Feb 14,20 Takizawa Hiroyuki

A manga that is essentially the story of Enix from the time it starts working with games, until its release of the series it became known for, Dragon Quest. All the characters are real Enix employees at the time. You get to see the developers as real people, who agonize over everything, like how big to make the text boxes, what should NPCs say, etc, as well as how they get along with each other.
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I Am Their Catships' Catservant 4.7

I Am Their Catships' Catservant

Chapter 2

29,149 Feb 13,20 Kitaguni Rato

Izumi Yukiharu is a second-year high schooler. After suddenly losing his parents one day, the only thing he's inherited is a 50,000,000 yen debt?! Without a place to live, Yukiharu stumbles into a certain residential home . To repay the debt, he's designated as "their Catships' catservant"...?! The curtain raises on a somewhat peaceful, slapstick pampered ca
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The Terrifying Hitman and The Little Girl He Took in (Fan Colored) 4.8

The Terrifying Hitman And The Little Girl He Took In (Fan Colored)

Chapter 10

100,076 Feb 24,20 Rimukoro

A homeless girl is rescued and brought home by a Hitman. He then helps her out and gives her a place to live.
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Gatabutata 4.8


Chapter 14

41,601 Feb 12,20 Sung-A

A 15-year-old 2nd year middle school student's clumsy and awkward first love. In the same university as her first love whom she had broken up with, they face each other again next to her room! A 20-year-old who is still confused and clumsy on what is love, what is dating. Sure enough this time Can they succeed with confidence in oneself and facing each other in a relationship
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Eiga Koe no Katachi Special Book 5

Eiga Koe No Katachi Special Book

Vol.1 Chapter 1

17,279 Feb 12,20 Ooima Yoshitoki

A special side story of Koe no Katachi distributed at the movie's premiere in Japan.
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Kashi of Osaka 4.5

Kashi Of Osaka

Chapter : Oneshot

6,767 Feb 08,20 Ni Zi

One-shot about a girl who goes to Osaka to become a pastry chef.
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Bullet 6mm 4.5

Bullet 6Mm

Chapter 1

19,179 Feb 08,20 Kim Dogeun

BaekSeul, high school freshman and former soccer ace, was about to confess to her sunbae but ended up becoming a master airsoft player??
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A Girl Meets Sex Toys: Akane Oguri Indulge In Onanism 4.5

A Girl Meets Sex Toys: Akane Oguri Indulge In Onanism

Chapter 1

54,998 Feb 08,20 Purapa

English: Akane Oguri, A JK (non virgin*), Her curiosity got the better of her one day and she goes in to a sex shop. the rest is history, in this series Akane together with her friends, will teach us about masturbation in hilarious, silly and playful stories. Indonesian: Akane Oguri, seorang gadis (bukan perawan) SMA biasa, rasa keingin tahuannya akan kontol-k
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