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Sore wa Himitsu Desu 3.6

Sore Wa Himitsu Desu

Chapter 2

5,706 Jan 21,20 Naono Bohra

Kaneshiro Jou is a middle-aged man who has just been dumped by his lover when he is unexpectedly killed. Then it turns out that was a mistake, and he he gets to keep living - with a surprising twist.
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Senpai ni Mayu to Ore 4

Senpai Ni Mayu To Ore

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Senpai Ni Mayu To Ore

6,506 Jan 21,20 先輩に繭とオレ

Ch01 : Senpai ni Mayu to Ore (From Kemono/Jingai BL Anthology) Ch02 : Kouhai ni Mayu to Ore Ch03 - 04 : Doukyuusei ni Mayu to Ore Ch05 : Odekake to Yuuutsu na Ore-tachi Extras
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Jigoku Meguri 4.7

Jigoku Meguri

Vol.2 Chapter 5

184,653 Jan 21,20 Kuju Siam

The door to hell can only be opened by authorized personnel, and Takimura has found he is one of them. The problem is, he's still alive! Every workday Takimura is greeted by none other than the King of Hell himself, Enma. And everyday he asks Takimura the same question: "Have you decided to become mine yet?" Résumé by: Krasae
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Boku no Danna-sama 4.4

Boku No Danna-Sama

Vol.1 Chapter 5

23,868 Jan 21,20 Naono Bohra

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The Beast Must Die 3.8

The Beast Must Die

Chapter 2

36,561 Jan 20,20 Lee Hyeon Sook

To research the cause of his sister's death and the culprit of this, Li Ji Lin intentionally enters a club posing as Jiang Wu's lover; whose relationship was created only to be able to enter the club, when he enters the club and investigates thoroughly discovers the culprit and wants revenge, but does not know that he is in danger since he was selected by the members as "The prey"
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Fushigi Pot 4.2

Fushigi Pot

Chapter 1.2

18,702 Jan 20,20 Fuji tamaki

A mysterious lamp which he discovered by chance. From which, the genie of the lamp appeared like magic! A sweet thousand nights tale with an innocent high school student and the genie of the lamp <3!
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Blood Link 4.6

Blood Link

Chapter 21

2,024,909 Jan 20,20 Brothers Without A Tomorrow

Hwa Gok is just a normal university student, until he sees a girl being attacked by the popular Lee Bin, and jumps in her defence. The only problem is that Lee Bin is more than meets the eye…
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Angel Buddy 4.7

Angel Buddy

Chapter 8

51,733 Jan 20,20 MasterGin

Upon catching a baby bird that stole his wallet, an angel suddenly fell from the sky! This is the sweet and mysterious romance of the lonesome Suho, and the angel called Taker who said it was Suho's fault his wings got injured, and he would stay with him so he could take responsibility for it.
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Here U Are 4.6

Here U Are

Vol.1 Chapter 108

13,837,857 Jan 19,20 D. Jun

Receptioning the newcomers is a task for YuYang, and he ends up helping the unsociable and towering LiHuan, the kind of person that does everything to be disliked. But after better knowing each other, he discovers that the giant isn't that bad of a person at all ...
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Given 4.7


Chapter 32: 柊 Mix_3 - Volume Tba

3,084,612 Jan 19,20 Kizu Natsuki

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Hadakeru Kaibutsu 4.5

Hadakeru Kaibutsu

Chapter 9

669,344 Jan 19,20 Ogeretsu Tanaka

From Must Be Endless: Up until now it’s always been cute girls laughing by my side. But now, sleeping next to me, full of faults, smelling of tobacco, a lascivious man. But he’s the cutest of them all... (Continuation of Shuuna and Hayashida's story. First chapter timeline is paralel with Renai-rubi no Tadashii Furikata, but told from Shuuna POV)
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Sugar Daddy 3.9

Sugar Daddy

Chapter 15: Can't Quite Remember

624,121 Jan 19,20 PuPu Planet,TANDAD

How pure and selfless it is to love someone...a calculative person will never know. Or perhaps, seizing territory, scheming and lying is all because of how much I love you.
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GLEN 4.7


Chapter 14

313,058 Jan 19,20 ZIHO

Joseph lived an ordinary life and it all took a turn when he realized he was being stalked. First, his school, then his locker, his phone and eventually his home- every aspect of his life was infiltrated by his stalker. Joseph is at his wits' end when Glen, a stranger, steps into his life at just the right moment and offers him a helping hand.
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Cat in a Cardboard Box 4.5

Cat In A Cardboard Box

Chapter 6

239,142 Jan 19,20 Gaejuk

After the loss of his loyal dog, Winter, Ji Seungwoo is wounded by an irreplaceable loss and sadness of his 22 year-long companionship. But one day he finds an adorable little kitten waiting in a cardboard box next to his front door. Being the gentle and kind-hearted man he was, he decides to bring him home. However, upon waking up the next morning he is no longer in bed with a cute baby kitt
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The Bright Moon 4.8

The Bright Moon

Chapter 0

11,666 Jan 18,20 第五庸人 (Di Wu Yong Ren)

He is the unreachable Yuetian in the eyes of the world, he cherishes and protects the world and the common people, he is his most revered master, he is also the one he has been looking for and buried at the bottom of his heart, he used everything he had to pursue him, yet in the end, failed. A single step, step by step, he constrains the feeling within his heart, to restrain, to grasp, to become a
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Yoru to Asa no Uta Ec 4.8

Yoru To Asa No Uta Ec

Vol.1 Chapter 5

39,299 Jan 18,20 Harada

Asaichi can't play any instruments and his voice is average. Plus he's only in a band for the girls and the sex. Also, he's homophobic. For some reason, the new bassist is infatuated with him despite the treatment Asaichi gives him.
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Cage 5


Vol.2 Chapter 9: Like The Barren Wasteland

273,702 Jan 18,20 Tateno Makoto

Older brother forces younger into a sexual relationship after their parents' death.
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Love, Which Makes Us One 4.5

Love, Which Makes Us One

Chapter 6: I Got It Personally.

293,439 Jan 17,20 Zhiyin man ke,Hungry Studios Production,Taipa

The overbearing president who is the black wolf king invaded my house, tries to eat me day and night, and he also said want to marry me?! The world of beast is too hard to understand! If I really can’t oppose of it, I can also secretly enjoy it right?
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Kitto Oujisama ga Nante 4.9

Kitto Oujisama Ga Nante

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5

205,076 Jan 17,20 Tachi Kuzukawa

Sakura, who continues to live alone even after reaching the age of 30, decides to marry in order to reassure his parents. But the truth is… he’s an otomen who likes cute stuff and is a closet gay man. Keeping these circumstances hidden, he goes to a marriage counselor and reunites with his younger childhood friend Yuusuke by chance.
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Omega Porn 3.7

Omega Porn

Vol.2 Chapter 8

159,641 Jan 17,20 Hirosato Kana

Is Tatsuru not aware that he is an Omega!? Tatsuru dreams of marrying a Beta woman and conceiving a child: the life of an ordinary person. One day, Tatsuru drops his heat suppressants at school. Yamaoka, an Alpha, comes to deliver the suppressants he picked up after Tatsuru dropped them. However, his heat starts then and there!?
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Lies like Lies 4.1

Lies Like Lies

Chapter 1

22,540 Jan 17,20 Jirak

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Sei no Gekiyaku 4.2

Sei No Gekiyaku

Chapter 1

42,195 Jan 16,20 Mizuta Yuki

Katsuragi, an elite office worker who fell from a perfect life, drunkenly attempted to jump and commit suicide. Suddenly, he was helped by a mysterious man, Yoda, but that was the beginning of a horrible life of confinement training...
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Boys Love 3.9

Boys Love

Chapter 9

180,154 Jan 16,20 Tachibana Kaimu

From Aarinfantasy A poignant manga, portraying the story of the movie with the same title. The movie tells the story of Taishin Mamiya, a magazine editor who meets and interviews a young model, Noeru Kisaragi, and becomes sinfully attracted to him. Their love, however, is forbidden.
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Eternal Daytime in the Night 3.7

Eternal Daytime In The Night

Chapter 25

327,065 Jan 16,20 YQ Cartoon

Xi Jie, the superstar in the entertainment circle is shooting with the award-winning actress Irene Venture, and then an ominous murder occurs. It turns out the murder is but a result of the in-fighting between different clans of vampires, while Xi Jie is the angel Lord Michael, and Irene is the queen of Vampire...
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