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The Bright Moon 4.8

The Bright Moon

Chapter 2

62,968 Mar 28,20 第五庸人 (Di Wu Yong Ren)

He is the unreachable Yuetian in the eyes of the world, he cherishes and protects the world and the common people, he is his most revered master, he is also the one he has been looking for and buried at the bottom of his heart, he used everything he had to pursue him, yet in the end, failed. A single step, step by step, he constrains the feeling within his heart, to restrain, to grasp, to become a
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Here U Are 4.6

Here U Are

Vol.1 Chapter 115

17,071,908 Mar 27,20 D. Jun

Receptioning the newcomers is a task for YuYang, and he ends up helping the unsociable and towering LiHuan, the kind of person that does everything to be disliked. But after better knowing each other, he discovers that the giant isn't that bad of a person at all ...
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Antinomy 4.3


Chapter 12

480,758 Mar 27,20 Gyeol

The beginning of a “dating contract” with a top star! Is this just an act? Or is this real love?
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Tabetemo Oishiku Arimasen 4.7

Tabetemo Oishiku Arimasen

Vol.1 Chapter 5

411,479 Mar 27,20 Yamada Nichoume

A world where demons prevail and humans are rare. Hiyori, a human, is considered to be delicious to demons. However, his classmate, Hodaka, a pushy big-horned demon, found out his secret. On top of that, he kissed and tasted him…Charming a demon---a troublesome situation?! Surrendering to one's instinct and pleasure leads to…
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Love, Which Makes Us One 4.3

Love, Which Makes Us One

Chapter 24: You Are The Person I Love The Most

1,080,150 Mar 27,20 Zhiyin man ke,Hungry Studios Production,Taipa

The overbearing president who is the black wolf king invaded my house, tries to eat me day and night, and he also said want to marry me?! The world of beast is too hard to understand! If I really can’t oppose of it, I can also secretly enjoy it right?
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Fu Fu Qing Cheng 4.5

Fu Fu Qing Cheng

Chapter 7: Nightmare

287,478 Mar 27,20 有狐文化

A pure yin descendant destined to be a ghost bride is actually a man! Repeated warnings not to escape a marriage predestined by fate and a Lord demanding for love! One desperately wants to run away, one ghost desperately wants to pursue his wife. Waiting for the fate of loving and killing each other in the previous life to finally be revealed. Can the emotions of the two be restored as before?
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Dependency X 4.5

Dependency X

Chapter 41: Dream

1,651,284 Mar 27,20 Jǐn Hǎi Bù Yú

【omegaverse】a perverted alpha seme X a contributing omega uke. The dailies of a young love, a display of affection that kills many normal people, “My reliance on you, is like the earth revolving around the sun, the planet revolving around the sun, and the universe revolving around the stars”.
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Ookami-kun wa hanasanai 4.6

Ookami-Kun Wa Hanasanai

Chapter 1

17,033 Mar 27,20 Sakura Rico

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Blood Sacrifice 4.7

Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 4

237,781 Mar 27,20 EunEun

Ozae is a blood-drinking monster known as a Bat. Knowing his secret, Seoho offers him a deal. Initially wanting nothing but his blood, at some point the beautiful Ozae finds himself wanting all of Sheoho. While Seoho also soon falls for the beautiful man. How will their dangerous and dizzying dance end?
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Heat and Run 4.6

Heat And Run

Chapter 9

415,249 Mar 27,20 Hong Ssona

‘Ro Jaeho' and 'Joo Ian' are the sons of Alpha families who are sworn enemies. However, their little brothers 'Joo Jihwan' and 'Ro Miho' are in a relationship...? Ian joins Miho and Jihwan's holiday in America and meets Jaeho there by chance. There is a strange tension in the air between the two older brothers... "Joo Ian,
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Moonlight Howling 4.7

Moonlight Howling

Chapter 5

296,900 Mar 27,20 Byul Nare

Yoon - the veterinarian working at the veterinary hospital - is paying close attention to Eun Woo. Yoon removed his mask to help him when he was sick and for the first time seeing Eunwoo's handsome face, Yoon was mesmerized. He said that there was nowhere to go, so Yoon dragged him to his home, and from there began to share the story of the two of them. The closer Yoon is with Eun Woo, the mor
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Master’s Flirting With Me Again 4.4

Master’S Flirting With Me Again

Chapter 26

206,445 Mar 26,20 JiuYe

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”This is the story of a second-gen Immortal who upturned the world under his mentor’s power. Ever since Jue Yue was adopted, the Divine Master has adored him alone — even while admired by all realms. “I&rsquo
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Fatal Oxygen 4.3

Fatal Oxygen

Chapter 4

184,797 Mar 26,20 Cheese Cat,Tiao Geng (spoon),Xia Shao Ying

Will you become my Alpha?<br>Become the oxygen I rely on to survive…<br>I don’t care if you’re fatal…<br>I will still be perfectly happy to rely on you.<br>Xia Shao Ying’s newest work “Fatal Oxygen”.<br>Stay tuned!
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Eternal Daytime in the Night 3.3

Eternal Daytime In The Night

Chapter 45

680,016 Mar 26,20 YQ Cartoon

Xi Jie, the superstar in the entertainment circle is shooting with the award-winning actress Irene Venture, and then an ominous murder occurs. It turns out the murder is but a result of the in-fighting between different clans of vampires, while Xi Jie is the angel Lord Michael, and Irene is the queen of Vampire...
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Starting With a Lie 4.6

Starting With A Lie

Chapter 41

1,681,711 Mar 26,20 Liang Azha

To avoid accepting two simultaneous confessions from Xia Yiyi and Qiu Mang, Tang Tang told them he wasn't into girls. Due to the two girls' unwillingness to back down, they told Tang Tang that he must show them evidence that this was true. To cover up his own lies, Tang Tang decided to seek help from his friend Chen Qingye so they could put on an act to he
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Imae-ui Yoram. 4.6

Imae-Ui Yoram.

Chapter 2

36,696 Mar 26,20 Mum

Ryujin, a child born of fire. The day of his birth an exorcist from the capital warned “beware of flames”. As Ryujin grew older, he soon loses everything to a fire. Heeding the exorcists words, he travels to the capital. Lost on the path Ryujin encounters Imae, a strange first encounter. From then on they begin a close relationship. El niño del fuego, Ryu Jin. La ex
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Nibiiro Musica 4.6

Nibiiro Musica

Vol.3 Chapter 10: 10Th Movement

763,169 Mar 25,20 Tokoro Kemeko

“You were the only one I didn’t want to find out about this desire…” 10 years have past since Takumu lost touch with his good friend Yuki, who left for Italy to become a Cellist. Now working as a home aid, Takumu is shocked to find his next patient is none other than Yuki himself. Yuki, who is now semi-blind after an accident left him injured and his eyes trapped behind bandages until his su
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Aporia 4.4


Chapter 6

364,214 Mar 24,20 Seontae

"Goo Ja-Wook, construction and remodeling planning manager falls in love at first sight with Yung yeon, a VIP guest at a club he has visited for business reasons. They both spend a night full of frenetic impulses ... But SM games are out of the question. "
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Fair Wind Scroll 4.6

Fair Wind Scroll

Chapter 9

161,274 Mar 23,20 Hui Ye Ming Ming

For the crime of stealing the Fair Wind Scroll, He Xianzi had his soul crushed and was expelled from the celestial realm. Just before his execution, he made a promise with his disciple, San Tu... Now, thousands of years later, San Tu has achieved great progress in his cultivation and descends into the world of mortals in search of his master. He meets a man with the same appearance as He Xianzi, a
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Hige to Munage no Taiikukyoushi 4.6

Hige To Munage No Taiikukyoushi

Chapter 1

42,846 Mar 23,20 Madara Mada

Physical education teacher, Takamori Tooru is extremely hairy. However an old friend and fellow mathematics teacher, Yuuki, has always known of Tooru's worries. Yuki is handsome and has very little hair, he's the exact opposite of Tooru. Can a love blossom between the two?
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Seagull Villa Days 4.7

Seagull Villa Days

Vol.2 Chapter 5

199,997 Mar 23,20 Naoko Kodama

Mayumi lost her fiancee to the only person she called a friend. Throwing everything away, running from it all, and starting a new life in the countryside was her plan, but what awaits her is a blonde yankee, Rin (the manager of the housing complex Seagull Villa), that she doesn’t deal well with. A story about the daily lives and the relationship between these two women as well as the people
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Fushigi Pot 4.2

Fushigi Pot

Chapter 5.3

124,912 Mar 23,20 Fuji tamaki

A mysterious lamp which he discovered by chance. From which, the genie of the lamp appeared like magic! A sweet thousand nights tale with an innocent high school student and the genie of the lamp <3!
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Maku ga Oritara Bokura wa Tsugai 4.6

Maku Ga Oritara Bokura Wa Tsugai

Vol.1 Chapter 1

60,304 Mar 23,20 Zarame Same

"I want this Alpha..." Mitsuo is an active idol hiding the fact that he's an Omega. He was able to climb to the top in an entertainment world full of Alphas by working hard. Now, he is the so-called "top idol" of the office. The second most popular guy, Seto, is without a doubt a talented Alpha who's strangely intuitive. Mitsuo isn't really good with people li
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