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Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Dai 4-shou - Seiiki to Gouyoku no Majo 5

Re:zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Dai 4-Shou - Seiiki To Gouyoku No Majo

Chapter 2

18,692 Mar 29,20 Nagatsuki Tappei,Aikawa Yu,Haruno Atori

Sequel to Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Dai-3 Shou - Truth of Zero.
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Night Bookstore 4.6

Night Bookstore

Chapter 18

103,924 Mar 28,20 Hantai Comics,Webnovel comics

Welcome to Night Bookstore, a bookstore at midnight.
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Absolute Control 4.4

Absolute Control

Chapter 1

17,946 Mar 29,20 Qing Yu

Former general of the Empire, now a wanted criminal, accidentally fell into the trap that the hunter had prepared. Wait, isn’t this hunter the little angel that used to follow me around? The Angel is ruthless, vicious and unscrupulous. The second day of meeting the strongest Alpha walking this earth has transformed me into an Omega with sweet pheromones. Qi Wang Zhi! Don’t slaughter me
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Global Martial Arts 4.9

Global Martial Arts

Chapter 1

23,457 Mar 28,20 老鹰吃小鸡

Rebirth is just a starting point from reaching the peak. Intruding crypt, the rise of martial arts
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Cotton Candy 4.5

Cotton Candy

Chapter 3 [End]

14,513 Mar 28,20 Hamano Ringo

1-3. Cotton Candy 4. Bitter or Sweet? 5. Haru to Miniskirt 6. 37℃ 7. Aki Iro Irozuku 8. Tori no Yukue 9. Countdown 10. Cotton Candy 1.2.3
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The Demonic CEO in My Bed 2.7

The Demonic Ceo In My Bed

Chapter 97

158,326 Mar 28,20 KAIYUAN COMICS

A man, Ran Weiting, brought a horrible memory to her. He loved her and tamed her with all means, from love to destrcution. Being afraid, she racked her brain to escape from him, from fighting back to giving up. He tried his best to help her gain freedom even on the cost of himself. She loved him and gave up many times for him. At last, she firmly decided to be with him all her life.
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Kill the Hero 4.9

Kill The Hero

Chapter 10

393,189 Mar 28,20 D-Dart

One day, the world transformed into a game. ‘Dungeons’ and ‘monsters’ emerged in the middle of cities, and ‘players’ who had received the gods’ authority appeared. Se-jun Lee, the guildmaster of the Messiah Guild that would bring salvation to the world. “Let us save the world together. Let’s put an end to this nightmare.” The whole world
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Don’t Concern Yourself With That Book 4.9

Don’T Concern Yourself With That Book

Chapter 0

33,428 Mar 28,20 Moon si hyeon

Living for the sole aim of escaping! ‘Light of Rusbella’ was a depressing romance novel. Wishing for a new life, Asili Rosé was reborn as the 8th wife of the Estrian Emperor. She thought she was born with a golden spoon, but it was actually just a gilded spoon? Once she realized that nothing but ruin awaited, she found a diary foreshadowing the future… It foretold Asili’s
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I’m being forced to love by a villain 4.4

I’M Being Forced To Love By A Villain

Chapter 0

39,278 Mar 28,20 도브

Shining black hair reminiscent of the night sky and gold eyes resembling that of an animal. The man in front of her was the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on. Even his tears were jewel-like… If only he wasn’t the man who’d suddenly appeared out of nowhere, shoeless and wearing only his nightwear! No, if only he wasn’t crying and begging for me to marry him! &
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Ookami-kun wa hanasanai 4.7

Ookami-Kun Wa Hanasanai

Chapter 1

22,905 Mar 27,20 Sakura Rico

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Give My Heart To You. 4.3

Give My Heart To You.

Chapter 1: Reunion

10,689 Mar 27,20 MUHAN

Author's Weibo
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Miharashi-sou no 6-nin no Hanayome 4.6

Miharashi-Sou No 6-Nin No Hanayome

Chapter 6: How About I Show You, Then?

62,683 Mar 27,20 Matsuzawa Mari

This harem manga centers around a young man whose mother who lives separately asks him to become a manager of a room-share apartment building and take care of five older and pampered young women. Edit: The title of the manga changed after Chapter 5, now 'Miharashi-sou no 6-nin no Hanayome'
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Akagi^2 5


Chapter 15: Chapter 15

20,763 Mar 27,20 Ethan Forsythe

A fan comic posted to r/AzureLane by u/Cpl_Ethane, Akagi^2 is based on the mobile game Azur Lane, which is about anthropomorphised WWII ships. This series is focused on Akagi-chan and her antics around the base. Note that this is drawn in an "American newspaper" style, and is read top to bottom, left to right.
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The Strongest Angel is a Part Timer Warrior 4.9

The Strongest Angel Is A Part Timer Warrior

Chapter 2

32,242 Mar 27,20 Sato Ame

The story of an extremely cute girl who is also the strongest gamer.
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Doomed to be a King 4.7

Doomed To Be A King

Chapter 17

186,928 Mar 27,20 YuanShiShuYi

One day, a young man ​occupied a mountain, and crowned himself the king. Henceforward, this place was full of masters and beasts. But wait… What am I looking at? Masters are plowing farmlands, and beasts are guarding the yards? Something’s wrong…
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Deredere Girlfriend Tries to Hold Back 4.8

Deredere Girlfriend Tries To Hold Back

Chapter 3

43,343 Mar 27,20 Iunosu

An endearingly clingy girlfriend adores her boyfriend to no end... until she's at home, where she begrudgingly has to be prim and proper as best as she can. However, she loves him too much to keep the pretense. Can she keep it up?
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Sensei de ○○ shicha Ikemasen! 4.8

Sensei De ○○ Shicha Ikemasen!

Chapter 2: Sensei, Do You Ever Want To Have Sex?

115,350 Mar 27,20 Musha Sabu

English: “Want to learn about sex with sensei?” Immensely popular with students, and who is both beautiful and kind, is the infirmary’s Yui-chan-sensei! She has a charm on a level that makes you unintentionally ○○, and for the students in the midst of puberty, they always think up the wrong things with her. And today as
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When My Boyfriend Became A She 4.4

When My Boyfriend Became A She

Chapter 3

73,002 Mar 27,20 ammk

My boyfriend has become a girl.
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Tsuki no Oki ni Mesu mama 4.7

Tsuki No Oki Ni Mesu Mama

Chapter 2

23,035 Mar 27,20 Kiuchi Ramune

In middle school, Ayumu kept getting teased and pranked by Runa, even though he's a year below her. Now that she's in her second year of high school, she's ready to be the experienced senpai for the incoming freshman Runa.
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Youngest Princess 4.9

Youngest Princess

Chapter 11

248,969 Mar 29,20 Saha

The archmage who ruled over a magic kingdom. One day, she was reborn as the youngest daughter of the empire! “I’ll just play along and pretend to be a baby. …But don’t you think you guys like me a little too much?” They won’t leave her alone. The youngest princess is tired today as well.
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Koroshiya Datte Mimamoritai 5

Koroshiya Datte Mimamoritai

Chapter 1.2

20,605 Mar 26,20 KUMANAMI Sae

About an assassin who likes watching the romance of others.
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Housekishou Richard-Shi no Nazo Kantei 4.4

Housekishou Richard-Shi No Nazo Kantei

Chapter 2: The Justice Of Pink Sapphire Part 2

19,966 Mar 26,20 Nanako Tsujimura,Mika Akatsuki

The story follows Richard Ranashinha Dvorpian, a handsome British jewelry appraiser, and Seigi Nakata, a bright and upright Japanese college student. The duo solves various jewel-related cases by unraveling the hidden psychological aspects of their owners that lie within the gems.
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The Prince’s Private Masseuse 4.6

The Prince’S Private Masseuse

Chapter 5

23,199 Mar 26,20 Chika

“I’ll make you remember me by force.” A man I don’t know suddenly kissed me… And when I opened my eyes… I found myself at war times in another world.
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